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Podcasts, talks and appearances

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Many of my podcast appearances, online talks, debates & links in one place.

This is in no way a complete list, but I will attempt to update it as best I can.

As always, I am very grateful to the hosts who allow me to share my passion for history.

In no particular order, but grouped by channel:

Redcoat History Podcast

Galloping at Everything, British Cavalry:

The Battle of Salamanca, Wellington's Greatest Victory, Part1:

The Battle of Salamanca, Wellington's Greatest Victory, Part2:

Napoleon And Generals

Battle of Waterloo 1815. Episode 45 - the Battle of Waterloo, with special guest Marcus Cribb:

History Rage

Wellington was NOT a defensive General, podcast:

Adventures In Historyland

Nelson Vs Wellington debate with Kate Jamieson:

The first in a series with Josh Provan, Episode 1 Wellington & Waterloo: All Things Wellington with Josh and Marcus! Episode 01. Wellington and Waterloo. - YouTube

Episode 3, Quatre Bras: All Things Wellington E3 - YouTube

Episode 6, Wellington's Cavalry Wellington’s Cavalry - YouTube

All Things Wellington, the Funeral of the Duke of Wellington: All Things Wellington: Funeral of the Great Duke - YouTube

The Napoelonicist (Napoleonic Wars Podcast)

Waterloo Remembered (Waterloo 205 virtual remembrance), Account of 95th Rifles Officer Jonathan Leach. Voices from the Battlefield 22 - Jonathan Leach – The Napoleonic Wars Podcast (aka The Napoelonicist) – Podcast – Podtail

La Fayette, We Are Here Podcast.

A podcast panel discussion on Napoleon Bonapart, with John Viscardo, Zack White, Phillip S & myself: Napoleonic Discussion with Very Special Guests (

Sharpe Shooters (a series of History Hack Podcasts co-designed & hosted with Zack White)

Entire playlist: Sharpe Shooters - YouTube

National Army Museum

Battle of Salamanca, a dynamic discussion on one of Wellington’s greatest victories at the National Army Museum, Chelsea: (free after registration)

History Hack

Waterloo 50, the anniversary of the 1970 epic film: History Hack Episode #248: Waterloo 50 - YouTube

Battle Guide Virtual Tours

(On demand, premium paid product)

Upcoming, Battle of Toulouse 1814.

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